Understanding Your Car's AC/HVAC Unit

If you have ever had to drive during a hot or cold day, you understand how essential it is to have a fully functional AC/HVAC system. As our shop manager, Keith explains, the AC unit in your car has a pretty comprehensive network of parts. Your car's air conditioning doesn't just create cold air. Your A/C unit takes the moisture and heat that is already in your vehicle, which then takes it out of the air, leaving behind cooler air.

If your AC unit isn't cooling correctly, you may need a refill on your freon. Freon is the refrigerant that resides inside the AC/HVA unit, which, in short, produces the heating and cooling. However, like other repairs, the problem may also reside in a faulty compressor, holes in your lines, radiator leak, etc. The longer you put off a repair, the more expensive it is in the end. At the first sign of a failing AC/HVAC unit, give Sweetie Boy Repair a call so we can diagnose the problem thoroughly and accurately.


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