A Crash Course

What is it?

Your car battery provides the boost of electricity that your vehicle needs to put electrical components of your car to work. It also plays a key role in converting chemical energy into the electrical energy that powers your car delivering voltage to its starter. Furthermore, it stabilizes the voltage (energy supply) that keeps your engine running.

When to call Sweetie Boy

There are a few ways to know when your car's battery needs to be replaced. If you notice your engine is slow at starting, or your lights are dim, or you notice electrical issues, maybe the check engine light is on​, or maybe your battery is misshapen and has a bad smell. Point being, we can find out which it is!

If you are unsure what car troubles you may be having, simply give Sweetie Boy a call and one of our skilled mechanics will drive out to you for a full diagnostic, or visit our shop.

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